Installation, and requirements

Install LIBCXX first before installing LIBCXX SQL Library.

LIBCXX SQL Library should be converted into an installable package, instead of building and installing LIBCXX SQL Library directly. The source tarball includes a canned build script for Fedora. Running rpm -ta libcxxsql-version.tar.bz2 creates the following packages:

Use the following documentation to build LIBCXX SQL Library without the bundled RPM script.

Requirements and prerequisites

  • Install LIBCXX first before installing LIBCXX SQL Library. All LIBCXX's own requirements apply here as well (gcc version, gmake, and others).

  • unixODBC.

  • pkg-config.

Configuring and building

Run the configure script, followed by make (or gmake), and make install. configure takes the usual options that specify non-default installation directories for various files (see configure --help). Additional options are:


Specifies where pkgconfig configuration file gets installed. The configure script goes through the list of some common directories, and checks if they exist.

This option may be needed to override the default even if configure finds it, and does not complain, if it ends up finding and installs its pkgconfig file into the wrong directory.

Run (g)make install DESTDIR=/tmp/libcxxsql-install. This creates an installation image in the /tmp/libcxxsql-install directory, to use as a basis for creating an installable package. A plain (g)make install will do it for real, of course. However, using an installable package is strongly recommended.

Developing applications with LIBCXX SQL Library

See LIBCXX's autotools instructions. LIBCXX SQL Library uses the same build framework. Bare-bones


main_LDADD=-lcxxsql -lcxx