Installation, and requirements

stasher gets installed on all nodes in the cluster. All nodes in the cluster must generally run on the same hardware and software platform, including the C++ runtime. stasher's internal communication protocols are binary in nature. The actual requirement is that all stasher nodes must have the same C++ ABI. This generally means the same version of the operating system, and the same hardware family.

LIBCXX must be installed first. stasher uses LIBCXX, which currently builds only on Linux.

Preparing an installable package is recommended, rather than running configure and make, manually. stasher includes a script that builds RPM packages on Fedora. Executing rpmbuild -ta stasher-version.tar.bz2 produces two packages: stasher, the required runtime, and stasher-devel, which contains header files and other needed tools for building other applications that use stasher's C++ API.

On Linux, use the following manual installation instructions only as a guide for preparing installable stasher packages, when the RPM build script cannot be used for some reason.