Starting the server on a new node

[root@monster ~]# systemctl restart stasher.service
[root@monster ~]# stasher
Ready, EOF to exit.
> admin
Connected to, node
Maximum 10 objects, 32 Mb aggregate object size, per transaction.
Maximum 10 concurrent subscriptions.
monster> status
  Status: master: (uuid 0vkUw2GiyQeTBW00VVHaJm00000cemG00318_8Fw), 0 slaves, timestamp 2012-03-17 16:30:53 -0400
... long output deleted ...

monster> [EOF, CTRL-D]
[root@monster ~]#

This example verifies that the new node has been started. This is just like verifying that the first node in the new cluster. Note that the new node does not know about any of the other nodes in the cluster, and the existing cluster does not know anything about the the newly-created node. The new node, and all the nodes in the existing clusters, are ignorant of each other. This is addressed in the next step.