Part II. Custom display elements


36. Introduction
Public and implementation objects
Implementing a custom display element
37. Custom x::w::canvas
Horizontal and vertical metrics
Mixin templates
Drawing custom display elements
Scratch buffers
Overriding process_button_event()
38. Custom x::w::element
Resizing a custom display element
39. Custom focusable x::w::element
Overriding keyboard_focus() and process_key_event()
Overriding elementObj::implObj's basic do_draw() method
Drawing the updated contents of a custom display element
Creating the standard input focus frame display element
Creating the standard input focus frame implementation object
The x::w::nonrecursive_visibilityObj template mixin
The x::w::always_visibleObj template mixin
The x::w::container_visibleObj template mixin
Creating the standard input focus frame public object
40. Custom x::w::container
The x::w::container_elementObj template mixin
Overriding pointer_focus()
41. Custom font rendering
Font collections
Theme font rendering
The x::themedim_elementObj template mixin.
Typical implementation of custom theme-aware custom display elements