Color picker element widgets

<element id="foreground_color">
  <color_picker />
    <restore />

Specifying an element with a <color_picker/> creates a new theme widget which is an x::w::color_picker widget. This is equivalent to invoking the factory's create_color_picker() method.

An optional config value initializes create_color_picker's x::w::color_picker_config parameter, as follows:


Sets the x::w::color_picker_config's initial_color. The value of the initial_color element is an id of a color. The referenced color must be a plain RGBA color specification.


Calls x::w::color_picker_config's restore() method. The element must have a specified id, and the x::w::uigenerator must get constructed with a x::w::const_screen_positions parameter with preserved window positions.


Sets the color picker's appearance appearance object.