Input field element widgets

<element id='number-of-copies'>
    <autoselect />
    <set_default_spin_control_factories />

Specifying an element with a input_field creates a new theme widget which is an x::w::input_field widget. This is equivalent to invoking the factory's create_input_field() method.

The value of the input_field sets the initial contents of the input field (the first parameter to create_input_field()). It may be empty:

<input_field />


input_field element's value is a x::w::text_param value, the first parameter to create_input_field(); this sets the input field's initial contents (fonts, colors, and other visual markup references are not allowed, of course, and any literal $ should be doubled as $$).

An optional config element initializes the x::w::input_field_config parameter for create_input_field, as follows:

columns, rows, and maximum_size

Sets the corresponding members in the x::w::input_field_config parameter.

<autoselect/> and <autodeselect/>

Sets the corresponding flags in the x::w::input_field_config parameter.


Sets x::w::input_field_config's update_clipboards to false.


Sets the x::w::input_field_config's hint x::w::text_param value.


Invokes x::w::input_field_config's set_password() method, configuring this input field as a password input field.


Invokes x::w::input_field_config's set_default_spin_control_factories() method, enabling this input field's spin buttons.


Invokes x::w::input_field_config's enable_search() method, enabling this input field's search popup.


This element contains an x::w::scrollbar_visibility value that sets the corresponding member of ths x::w::input_field_config parameter.


This element contains an x::w::halign value that sets the corresponding member of ths x::w::input_field_config parameter.


Sets the input field's appearance object.