type=border layouts

<layout type="border" id="application-options">

  <!-- ... -->


<!-- in some factory... -->

    <title type='theme_text'>Options</title>

x::w::borderlayoutmanager glm=container->get_layoutmanager();

glm->generate("application-options", generator, elements);

The contents of a layouts of type=border specify the methods invoked by border layout manager's generate().

Creating type=border layouts

A container with a type=border creates a container that uses the border layout manager.

The required contents element contains any valid theme widget. This generates the contents of the border container, and it typically contains a theme container.

An optional config element sets non-default values of the x::w::new_borderlayoutmanager that creates the container:


Sets the border layout manager's appearance object.


Sets the optional title. The contents of this element is a x::w::text_param value.


Sets the no_background to true.