type=pane layouts

<layout type="pane" id="mainpane">

<factory type="pane" id="maincontents">

  <!-- ... -->


// ....

x::w::panelayoutmanager plm=container->get_layoutmanager();

plm->generate("mainpane", generator, elements);

The contents of a layouts with type=pane specify the pane layout manager methods that get invoked to generate() its contents.

Creating type=pane layouts

A container with a type=pane creates a container that uses the pane layout manager.

Initializing x::w::new_panelayoutmanager

    <vertical />

The config element initializes the x::w::new_panelayoutmanager that creates the container:

minimum_size, preferred_size, maximum_size

These elements reference other dims in the theme file, defining the size of the pane container.


<dim id="min-inventory">100.0</dim>
<dim id="pref-inventory">150.0</dim>
<dim id="max-inventory">200.0</dim>

This is equivalent to specifying the same minimum_size, preferred_size, and maximum_size.

<horizontal/> and <vertical/>

Invokes the corresponding x::w::new_panelayoutmanager method.


Sets the x::w::new_panelayoutmanager's appearance value:


<appearance id="inventory-appearance" type="pane">


Calls x::w::new_panelayoutmanager's restore() method. The x::w::uigenerator must get constructed with a x::w::const_screen_positions parameter with preserved window positions.


The value of the element specifies the pane container's unique label that gets passed to its restore() method.